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  Statistical Yearbook of the Argentine Republic

   43 selected tables

Geographical Information, Climate and Political-Administrative Organization of the Argentine Republic

Total area
Areas protected by the Administración de Parques Nacionales (National Parks Administration), classified by natural region or phytogeographical province.
Annual mean temperatures by meteorological station. Years 1998/2002.
Area and number of provincial districts by province. National totals.


Evolution of the total population according to the national censuses. National totals. Years 1869-2001.
Total population by gender, male factor, and density, by province. National totals. Year 2001.
Demographic indicators, by province. National totals. Years 1990-2001.
Total population by birthplace, gender and age group. National totals. Year 2001.
Total population by health insurance coverage, by gender and age group. National totals. Year 2001. Years 2001.
Total population in private households and population in households with unsatisfied basic needs (NBI), by province. National totals. Years 1980, 1991 and 2001.
Percentages of population living under the poverty line and in extreme poverty. Statistical regions totals and urban centers totals. May and October 2001/2002.

Social Aspects

Population 10 years old and older, by literacy condition, gender, and age group. National totals. Year 2001.
Population 5 years old and older and population not at present attending any educational establishment but having previously attended for some time, by highest educational level attained and by province. National totals. Year 2001.
Students in the educational system, by level and province. National totals. Year 2000.
Students attending national universities, re-registered, newly registered, and graduated. National totals. Years 2000/2001.
General mortality rate per 100 000 inhabitants, by main causes of death and by sex. National totals. Years 1999/2001.
Households by quality of housing materials (CALMAT) and by availability of household appliances. National totals. Year 2001.
Open unemployment rate in the main urban centers. Years 1998/2002.
Delinquency rate, and crimes and felonies reported to the police, to Gendarmería and to Prefectura, by province, by type of crime. National totals. Year 2002.

Social Security

Distribution of the number of salaried workers by choice of retirement system and by level of workers' earnings. National totals as of June. Years 1998/2002.
Beneficiaries of mutual care associations, by type of institution. National totals. Year 2002.

Price Indexes

Consumer Price Index (IPC), base: 1999 = 100; general index and chapters. Greater Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area; yearly averages. Years 1998/2002.
Wholesale Domestic Price Index (IPIM), base: 1993 = 100; general index and main titles. Yearly averages. Years 1998/2002.
Construction Cost Index (ICC) in the Greater Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, base: 1993 = 100, itemized. Yearly averages. Years 1995/2002.

Sectors of the Economy

Number and total area of agricultural holdings, by province. National totals. Provisional results of the National Agricultural Census. Year 2002.
Cereal produce, by crop. National totals. Harvest years 1999-2000/2002-2003
Cattle stocks, by age and sex. National totals and selected provinces. Year 2001.
Total sea catch, by species. National totals. Years 1998/2002.
Industrial production statistics, by product groups. National totals. Years 1998/2002.
Monthly Industrial Estimator (EMI), general index, base: 1997 = 100. National totals. Years 1998/2002.
Oil and natural gas extraction. National totals. Years 1998/2002.
Registration (licensing) of new vehicles. National totals. Years 1998/2002.
Telephone service installations and employed personnel. National totals. Years 1998/2002.
Length of the national road system, by type of pavement and by province. National totals. Years 2001/2002.

Financial Activities

International reserves and liabilities of the Argentine Central Bank (BCRA). Years 1998/2002.

Public Sector

Execution of the National Budget, at current values. Savings, investment and funding schedules. Years 1998/2002.
Public sector expenditure by application and function. Year 2001.

Foreign Sector

Argentine trade balance. Years 1998/2002.
Exports, imports and trade balance, by sections of the tariff nomenclator. Years 1998/2002.
Argentina's trade balance with the Mercosur countries. Years 1998/2002.
Balance of payments estimates as of December. Years 1998/2002.

National Accounts

Gross Domestic Product at market prices and Gross Value Added at producer's prices, by sector, at current prices. Years 1997/2002.
Gross Domestic Product at market prices and Gross Value Added at producer's prices, by sector, at 1993 prices. Years 1997/2002.

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